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Cable Vest Top

This is an adult cabled version based on the popular Turkish style vests.

As it is worked in Aran it knits quite quickly with some traditional cable patterns.

There are no seams as it is knitted in one piece, and is laced at the side for a more comfortable fit

It is in 3 sizes which are detailed below

SIZES                                                                S - 30/32                  M - 34/36             L -

38/40 Bust

Total length                                                            27”                          27.5”                       28”

REQUIREMENTS                                                 400                          450                        450

Grms Aran wool

5mm needles

4.50mm crochet hook

5mm double pointed needles for I-Cord

2 Buttons or toggles

Pattern Price £2.99 shipping in PDF via email.